“Never carry a gun: You carry a gun, you may be tempted to use it.” – Rule Number One

Your cult movie as you never saw before. Erotic cosplay parody created by CosplayErotica.

Virginia “Gin” Baker is an investigator for “Waverly Insurance”. Robert “Mac” MacDougal is a professional thief who specializes in international art. A priceless Rembrandt painting is stolen from an office one night, and Gin is sent undercover to investigate Mac as the chief suspect. She tries to entrap him with a proposition, claiming that she is a professional thief herself, and promises that she will help him steal a priceless Chinese mask from the well-guarded Bedford Palace. Before agreeing, Mac tells Gin his ‘Rule Number One’: “Never carry a gun: You carry a gun, you may be tempted to use it.”

They travel to Scotland and plan the complicated theft at Mac’s hideout, an isolated castle. Aaron Thibadeaux, apparently the only ally that Mac trusts, arrives with supplies for the heist. While Mac is busy making final preparations, Gin contacts her boss, Hector Cruz, from a payphone, and informs him of Mac’s whereabouts. Little does she know that the island is bugged, allowing Mac to eavesdrop on their conversation. Mac also makes sure to keep Gin’s romantic advances at bay, unsure if she is a true partner in crime or an ambitious career woman on a mission.

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