The people back then, the things they did, their culture… it’s all connected, and it’s tied to me too. It’s not just something that happened a long time ago in a faraway country. Real people laughed, cried, and… died there.

Chie Satonaka (里中 千枝Satonaka Chie) is an upbeat girl with an obsession with kung fu, even using those techniques in battle. She is a fictional character  in the video game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. The kidnapping of her best friend Yukiko Amagi leads Chie to join the Investigation Team in working in a murder case where the victims are sent to the be TV World to be killed by creatures known as Shadows.

Chie is short and has light brown, bowl-shaped hair, and brown eyes. As with most playable characters in the game, Chie wears a modified Yasogami High uniform with a light green, high collared athletic jacket adorned with several decorative pins (including a smiley face) and underneath her mini skirt she wears short black compression shorts. In summer, however, she is seen wearing the school’s standard summer uniform, having wrapped her jacket around her hips.

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