“Because if I did what I felt in my heart, they’d never find your body. ”
– Shaundi

Shaundi is one of the gang lieutenants for the 3rd Street Saints. She has an interest in the Sons of Samedi, and willingly agrees to investigate them. In particular, she is interested in the new designer drug they are producing. This drug is known as Loa Dust, and as someone who knows a large amount about drugs, she wants to undercut the gang on their produce. Shaundi is a stoner, and is frequently seen smoking weed or other illegal substances.

Initially, you draw her into the gang by impressing her with some car stunts in her Hammerhead. She agrees to join the group, and has an extreme knowledge of different gangs (it is suggested this is due to the fact she has had sex with many of the members of other gangs). Among these people is DJ Veteran Child. Veteran Child is more than just a DJ – he’s also the leader of the dealers for the Sons of Samedi. Shaundi is embarrassed when she admits that he was at one stage, her boyfriend. Veteran Child kidnaps her in the hope of making the Saints back down from the Samedi, but fails to do so, owing to the fact that The Boss calmly kills Veteran Child. CosplayErotica.com made the dirty character even dirtier in the porn version of Shaundi cosplay.

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