“My name is Alice. And I remember everything.”
— Alice, To Sam Isaacs after regaining her memory a second time.

Alice  is a former security operative of the Umbrella Corporation turned anti-Umbrella resistance fighter in the Resident Evil games and movies.  Under the assumed name of Alice Parks, she guarded the entrance of The Hive alongside fellow operative Spence Parks. She planned to expose the corporation’s illegal experimentation with the t-virus, when her partner stole the virus and caused an outbreak within the facility. One of the two survivors of the Hive, she was captured by Umbrella and experimented on by Sam Isaacs, Timothy Cain and William Birkin.

Alice has survived five years fighting off zombies, obsessive scientists and Albert Wesker, the head of Umbrella. As a human, Alice was a skilled fighter and marksman. After her transformation, her natural abilities are heightened and she develops the ability to project telekinetic waves.

Believing herself dangerous to others, she isolated herself from other survivors and learned to control her growing telekinetic powers.  Although it’s a somewhat ancient (or retro) CosplayErotica serie (I think it was first published around 2009 or so) the girls (named “Analia”, lol, really) is still one of the hottest CE models to date. Check out the full serie at CE ! 

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