You complete bastard! Was this your great plan? Dump me off and die?“—Ellie

Ellie Langford from Dead Space is one of the survivors of the Necromorph outbreak aboard The Sprawl. Ellie was reluctant to trust anyone and thus relied on herself. She served as a Class IV Heavy Equipment Pilot under the employment of the Concordance Extraction Corporation. Check out the Cosplay Porn parody version by CosplayErotica.

During the initial spread of the outbreak, Ellie’s group encountered the Necromorphs and abandoned their duties. Ellie, Kaleb and workers from Shift 1 fought their way through the CEC Facility to reach the Government Sector. They guided several workers from Shift 2, including Sorenson, toward them and away from the Necromorphs that were beginning to overrun the facility. In turn, Sorenson urged other workers to locate Ellie’s RIG and follow her route to safety.

The group’s number dwindled as they struggled to find a way out of the facility until only Ellie and Kaleb remained. Apparently injured, Kaleb chose to sacrifice himself, acting as the last line of defense with a Line Gun to allow Ellie a chance to escape. A nice Cosplay porn parody, indeed!

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