“Well, this is Moscow. Heard gunfire. Thought you might need some help.”
– Alice Abernathy

In Resident Evil: Retribution, Umbrella forces reach Arcadia and open fire on the survivors. Alice fights in the battle aboard Arcadia and was injured in the destruction of a Umbrella osprey, leaving her thrown overboard. The fates of Claire, Chris and K-Mart remains unknown. Recovered from the waters by the Umbrella Corporation, Alice is taken to a bio weapons testing facility known as Umbrella Prime.  When Alice wakes, Jill Valentine begins an interrogation. After several unsuccessful attempts, the power unexpectedly goes out allowing Alice to escape from her cell. After escaping a laser grid defense measure, Alice finds herself in a simulation of Tokyo where she battles a horde of zombies that include Japan’s patient zero.

Not much is known about Alice’s life prior to the Resident Evil films, save for the fact she was an employee of Umbrella, working as a security operative. Alice and fellow security operative, Spence Parks, were placed at the mansion to protect the Hive’s emergency entrance and posed as a married couple to keep outsiders in the dark about Umbrella’s operations. However, some time before the events of the first film, Alice betrays her employers and begins to secretly work to expose them to the world, after learning of their dangerous and unethical experiments.

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